Earlier this spring, I decided to catch up on some Netflix movies that I had been sleeping on and never watched. First up on my list: the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” trilogy. Truthfully, I started watching the first movie when it came out but never finished it, so I started from the beginning and hit “play.” Holy cow, if you haven’t watched this yet, you’re missing out: Lana Condor is beyond talented!

When I saw Vera Bradley was collaborating alongside Lana Condor, I was thrilled to see what the two of them had up their sleeves! You all know I’m a HUGE Vera Bradley lover (I’m even a VB Brand Ambassador, which you can read about here) and I was hooked on the movies: needless to say, I was so excited! Cue launch day and it was like Christmas morning: I couldn’t get over how adorable the Lana Utility Backpack was!

lana condor backpack
jack rogers next to lana condor vera bradley utility backpack

The Perfect Recycled Cotton Bag


You all know I’m super excited about the news that Vera Bradley is making their iconic bags from recycled cotton (read about the launch and what’s to come for the brand in my recent post) so with star power behind it, this is the perfect pairing!

Lana Condor personally helped design this bag (don’t judge, I feel like this is basically our version of a friendship bracelet) and I love how classic this piece is, plus the pop of pink on the back (how cute is that stripe)! You know my number one rule: if it’s pink, it has to be good, and this backpack is seriously next level.

Whether you’re running errands, taking your pup for a walk or simply commuting on campus: this is the perfect backpack for you. The chic black recycled cotton makes it perfect for all-year wear and the blush pink accents keep it feeling feminine and fun! Inside, it’s a classic VB party with a pretty pattern, which makes it easy to spot all your items you’ve stored inside. This floral pattern feels very summery to me, and I love how the colors used in the pattern perfectly compliment any other Vera Bradley product you’re storing inside.

My favorite feature of all: the Lana Utility Backpack is able to be monogrammed! Whether you’re spelling out a three-letter name (like “Emi”) or you’re a bride-to-be that’s showing off your new initials, this is a fun way to personalize your bag!

girl poses with vera bradley utility backpack
lana condor utility backpack with peonies
lana condor utility backpack for back to school
interior ofr the lana condor utility backpack
floral pattern interior of vera bradley utility backpack

Available in Six Pretty Patterns


What I love most about Vera Bradley, is the brand is always thinking of ways to expand their products, so they work for everyone! Enter the entire line of Utility Backpacks, available in six colorful patterns! These bags are priced just below the $100 mark and there’s truly a style for everyone!

Hint, hint: this would make the perfect gift for a new college student heading to campus for the first time in August!

Wondering what colors are available? Check out all the patterns below and let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

patterns available for utility backpacks vera bradley summer 2021

When the recycled cotton line launched, the Rich Orchid color was my personal favorite, so I’m thrilled to see this color is available in the Utility Backpack! You definitely have heard me gushing over my love for Rain Forest Canopy (check out the blog post here) so I’m also excited to see they included this pattern in the new bags!

I love how these bags incorporate a drawstring closure and side clips to make sure everything I store inside stays secure and safe! This summer I’m going to be starting to travel again (yay!) and I’m going to be needing a backpack that can sit at my feet when I’m on a plane. The Vera Bradley Utility Backpacks are honestly perfect for all your upcoming trips: big or small and let’s be honest: there are tons of pockets to store all your snacks 🙂

girl shows pink stripe on lana condor utility backpack
happy girl with black backpack from vera bradley
smiling girl with vera bradley utility backpack

Vera Bradley Code


Looking to add the Lana Utility Backpack or any of the colorful Utility Backpacks to your collection but save a little extra? Use my code PREPPYPINK10 for 10% off your online order on the Vera Bradley website (sorry, this code doesn’t work in store!)

Special thank you to my friends at Vera Bradley for sponsoring this blog post!

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