Calling all bride-to-be’s and monogram lovers: do I have the perfect bag for you! If you’re a fan of the Louis Vuitton Never Full, but maybe don’t love the price, let me introduce you to a company called Barrington Gifts. These bags are not only incredibly comfortable to wear but can be highly customized from the patter to the placement of how you monogram your bag.

When I got engaged, I was probably the only girl in the world that was excited to not have her monogram change. I absolutely love monogramming everything that moves, so getting to keep my collection intact and just further build it out was a DREAM! I had seen other bloggers mentioning Barrington Gifts in the past but had never tried a bag for myself before. That winter, I got my first bag and was instantly hooked! I knew I was going to become a lifelong fan after that.

Better Bag Than a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

I own a variety of bags at a variety of price points and love then all for different reasons. Somedays I want something that is machine washable, somedays I want to carry designer and somedays I’m looking to carry a lot and need a good tote bag.

When I was on my honeymoon, I bought my first Louis Vuitton bag and was so excited about the fabulous experience I had (yes, I monogrammed it at my home store when I got back…) However, while I love (and still love the bag) my one major complaint about the bag is the size of the shoulder straps. I immediately started using the bag when I would commute to NYC for work and often noted that it pulled on my shoulder and wasn’t always the most comfortable. And then it hit me: that never happened with my Barrington.

Literally, switched back to my original Barrington bag and immediately the problem disappeared.

I constantly get compliments when I carry a Barrington bag and people always ask where it’s from – it’s even more beautiful in person than in the photos. Whenever I start talking about the bags, I can’t stop and the main thing I always talk about is the slightly wider leather strap and how it’s more comfortable than a designer bag.

The best part about all of this? My favorite St. Anne Tote is $190 versus paying over $1000 for a designer version. For a much more affordable price point you can get a bag and matching wallet and STILL “save money.”

smiling girl with floral barrington tote in st anne's tote

A Stunning Summer Barrington Tote

I own bags with the giant monogram and the smaller one – both are equally fun and pretty! The style I’ve been carrying all summer (and is featured in the blog room reveal on the top shelf of my clothing rack) is the St. Anne Tote – Monogram Stripe a very pretty print called Tulip Ditsy Floral. There’s also a blue version if you (or someone you’re shopping for) is more partial to the color blue!

Designing a bag on the site is super fun – and SO EASY to do! When you go onto the Barrington Gifts website, you’ll select the style bag you’d like and then get to choose the print you’d like. From there, you can choose the placement of your monogram, the color scheme of the monogram and the color leather you’d like to use. There are HUNDREDS of combinations to choose from!

Do you own a Barrington Bag? Let me know which style you own in the comments!

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