Sustainable Vera Bradley Bags // Introducing Recycled Cotton!

It’s no secret we’re beginning to live in a more sustainably minded world (yay) and there have been some major changes made over the last years: switching to lids at Starbucks that don’t require a plastic straw, more paper products and stores no longer carrying single use plastic… But what about clothing and accessories? I’m always proud to shop and collaborate with companies that prioritize social issues I’m passionate about (if you haven’t read about how I’m one of the newest VB Ambassadors, check out my recent post) and I’m beyond THRILLED to announce the new “recycled cotton bags” from Vera Bradley!


Cotton ReImagined: Recycled Cotton

Vera Bradley is known for their classic, quilted cotton bags and it’s hard to not spot these bright, happy prints everywhere you go! From airports to coffee shops: Vera Bradley is a household name and a hallmark of well-made, quality products.

The ReActive line has grown in popularity in recent years – created from recycled water bottles (check out this post I wrote highlighting this material) but until May 2021, there hasn’t been a sustainable cotton line. That changes now!

recycled cotton vera bradley bags in the springtime with pink lemonade

woman has picnic under magnolia tree with pink lemonade and vera bradley bags

These new recycled cotton bags are created from 50% conventional cotton and 50% recycled cotton (including scraps which may have fallen onto factory floors) to create a super soft blend, which feels just like the original cotton bags! Since cotton is a natural fiber, it can easily be recycled through a process of shredding, blending and re-spinning. The new line of cotton bags are machine washable, comfortable and lightweight: perfect for real world use! I don’t know about you, but that’s music to my ears!


New Solid Color Patterns: Recycled Cotton

Ready for love at first sight? Vera Bradley has launched their first-ever solid colored recycled cotton bags just in time for summer and let me tell you: when I opened my package featuring these bright and happy bags I legit SQUEALED because I couldn’t contain my excitement! They’re seriously that pretty!

pink college backpack on a woman in a white blouse and denim overalls woman stands under magnolia tree with yellow belt bag

pink lemonade picnic in the spring with vera bradley recycled cotton bags

All six of the new recycled cotton solids are featured below – it’s honestly hard to choose a favorite. What I love most about these solid-colored bags are how nicely they lend themselves to year-round wear. Sometimes, when I get a new bag, I think “this will be perfect for summer” but when I saw these pretty colors I thought “wow, this will not only look great on vacation but will also pair perfectly with my jackets in the winter!”

shades of the new recycled cotton vera bradley bags

The bags I’m featuring are in the colors “Citronella Glow” (my utility sling backpack) and “Rich Orchid” (my campus backpack) and let me tell you: seeing them, together just screamed summer and pink lemonade to me. They truly inspired an afternoon of sitting under a magnolia tree, sipping on my favorite summer drink! The best part: these bags were spacious and held everything I needed for a perfect afternoon: while complimenting my outfit. Can I get an amen for functional (and sustainable) fashion?

girl lays in green srass with lemons in a crate and a pink vera bradley backpack and yellow vera bradley bag

New Pattern Alert: Rain Forest Canopy in Recycled Cotton

What Vera Bradley launch is complete without a new pattern to adore? Meet my summer crush: Rain Forest Canopy! This tropical design features a blush pink background adorned with palm print, ferns and lush florals. If you haven’t caught the travel bug: you definitely will after seeing this pretty pattern!

vera tote in rain forest canopy

vera tote in rainforest canopy rain forest canopy mask and tote from vera bradley

Both the RFID Small Convertible Crossbody and the Vera Tote are two of my absolute favorite bags. When I’m on the go (aka all the time) I love the diversity and versatility of the convertible crossbody – you can wear it over the shoulder or as a fanny pack which is awesome! It’s the perfect size for your phone, a mask and your keys. Lately, I’ve been carrying mine on Pancake’s walks and it holds everything I need (including some treats for her!)

The Vera Tote is a tried-and-true classic: this is literally the bag that put VB on the map! If you’re beginning to commute again to the office, this is the bag you need to add to your closet. Not only are there a ton of different patterns to choose from but I love how comfortable carrying the bag is. I had it completely stuffed the other day and it was so easy to carry!

vera bradley bag convertable crossbody in the spring rain forest canopy crossbody bag on woman in magnolia tree


Vera Bradley Coupon

One last piece of exciting news: I’m a Vera Bradley Brand Ambassador, which means I have a code that can be used on the VB website that saves you 10% off your entire order (some exclusions do apply like this can’t be applied to the Harry Potter line).

Use the code PREPPYANDPINK10 for 10% off your entire order. Do you love Vera Bradley and think you’d be a great brand ambassador? I’ve hyper-linked all the info on how to apply to the ambassador program!

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