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I have incredibly sensitive skin and for years struggled to find something that wouldn’t make me breakout. Like so many other people, I started really getting into beauty and skincare in 2020. After trying so many brands, I was recommended Drunk Elephant and have been exclusively using these products ever since!

As I entered my late 20s, I started thinking more about skincare and realized it was time to establish a real routine for myself. My main goals were targeting the early signs of aging (fine lines/wrinkles), even skin-tone and hydration. I chatted with an expert at Sephora and it was recommended I try Drunk Elephant products; I absolutely love them!

Just a note: this blog post isn’t sponsored. I genuinely love these products and hope if you’re looking to try a new brand or begin a skincare routine of your own, you may find this helpful!

drunk elephant products


Retinol Cream | Luxury Facial Oil | Babyfacial | Polypeptide CreamHydration Syrum
Firming Eye Serum | Hydrating Cream | Vitamin C Serum | Glycolic Serum | Vitamin C Eye Cream

Why Drunk Elephant is Different

Drunk Elephant prides itself on being free from the six major ingredients which cause many skin issues and has adapted an ingredient-elimination philosophy. When these main six ingredients are removed from your routine, your skin gets to reset to a more healthy and balanced state.

Since the fall of 2020, I have exclusively been using Drunk Elephant products and I love how they’re clean beauty products that are also incredibly gentle on my skin. I currently use the full line of products, ranging from my face wash, morning skincare and evening skincare routine.

While these products are on the pricier side of things, I have been so happy with the quality and truly notice my skin looking and feeling “happier.” Typically, I can go anywhere from 3-4 months with one item before needing to order anything additional.

Sharing my easy morning and evening routine for dewy and hydrated skin!

drunk elephant hydrating serum

My Drunk Elephant Morning Skincare Routine

When I wake up in the morning, I like to either wet my face with some warm water or use my face steamer. I begin with my Vitamin C Eye Cream and gently massage this onto the skin around my eyes with my pinky fingers. When applying eye creams, always try to use your pinkies if possible because your eye’s skin is more sensitive than other parts of your face. Your pinky will be a lighter pressure and gentler on this delicate skin.

Next, I mix a combination of products together to create my morning “recipe.” Drunk Elephant products are meant to be combined, almost like a smoothie, to create a custom combination for you.

In the morning, I like to hydrate and wake up my skin so I always use three pumps of the B-Hydra Moisturizing Serum and one pump of the C-Firma Fresh Day Serum. I absolutely love the glow I get from these products and they make my skin nice and dewy.

About 2-3 times I week, I add in a retinol cream to this routine. There are two options from the brand, but I prefer adding in half a pump of A-Passioni Retinol Cream into the mixture. When adding retinol, I recommend starting with a very small amount and only doing so once a week. This product can take some time for your skin to adjust to and you don’t want to pair it with a glycolic night serum in the evening, since it can dry your skin. Always accompany with something that will add hydration to your skin! My favorite is the Lala Retro for radiant skin (I add this into the combo as well.)

Lastly, I always finish with a sunscreen! While Drunk Elephant does sell a few options, my personal preference is the Unseen Sunscreen by Supergoop. Applying SPF daily is the number one way to maintain youthful skin and prevent wrinkles!

drunk elephant morning routine

Vitamin C Serum | Luxury Facial OilHydration Syrum | Vitamin C Eye Cream

My Drunk Elephant Evening Skincare Routine

My evening routine is nice and easy, which is perfect because I’m usually exhausted before going to bed. No matter what, I always make sure I remove my makeup and spend a few minutes on taking care of my skin!

I always start by removing my makeup and then gently washing my face with the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser. This is so gentle and helps take off any makeup I might have missed. When I say my skin TRANSFORMED after about a week of using this to remove my makeup, there are no words. This doesn’t strip your skin yet deeply cleans. Cannot recommend this face wash enough!

drunk elephant evening skincare routine

Retinol Cream | Hydrating Cream | Polypeptide Cream | Glycolic Serum | Firming Eye Serum

Next, I make a smoothie like I did in the morning but will make a few adjustments based on if I used retinol in the morning. On a typical evening, I start with the Protini Polypeptide Cream to strengthen and moisturize my skin. This was the first Drunk Elephant product I ever tried because my goal was to combat fine lines; Protini plumps, firms and restores your skin’s bounce (plus is incredibly gentle.) I also love to add in the F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial to cool my skin, manage hydration and calm redness. This is so gentle and also improves the signs of aging.

If I didn’t use retinol in the morning, I always add in the T.L.C Frambrose Glycolic Night Serum to the mixture. This product is AMAZING and resurfaces/exfoliates skin for a more even complexion, plus improves the look of fine lines and pores. The salicylic acid loosens sebum which ultimately unclogs your pores, so this is perfect for your nighttime routine.

drunk elephant anti aging serum

Easy At-Home Facial

Once a week, I like to use the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial for a 20 minute at-home facial. This product is definitely a little stronger, so I don’t recommend using more than once a week. When I first started using it, I only left it on for 10 minutes, so see how my skin would react and allow myself to get used to it.

This product improves your skin’s clarity and helps improve skin texture/tone by exfoliating dead surface skin cells and brightening your skin’s appearance. In addition, it helps unclog pores and soothes redness; plus it’s an excuse to relax and have a little “me time.” Once I rinse off the facial, I apply some Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil to moisturize and nourish my skin.

drunk elephant babyfacial

drunk elephant luxury face oil

Which Products to Try First

If you’re wondering whether Drunk Elephant is right for you, I highly recommend starting with the Face Wash, Protini and Night Serum. These are great products to start building smoothies with and (in my opinion) are their best items.

Overtime, feel free to build your collection and take advantage of the semi-annual sales for some extra savings! Let me know if you have a favorite Drunk Elephant product in the comments!

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