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Welcome to the BLOG ROOM aka my home office! If we’re friends on Instagram, you’ve definitely heard me speak about “The Blog Room” and how excited I am about it. For those of us that aren’t friends on Instagram, check out this fun Reel I made unveiling the entire room! What am I talking about? Read on for all the details and pieces I’ve styled my space with!

I have been dreaming about having a space all to myself since we moved into our house in 2019 and I’m so thrilled with how this room turned out! After so much positive encouragement from releasing the space to many questions on the furniture I’ve used, I thought there was no better way to answer all questions than a blog post!

white and pink home office and closet

Gold Clothing Rack | Pink Velvet Clothing Hangers |
Blush Pink and White Area Rug | Gold and Glass Standing Shelf


How I Made My Basement Light and Bright

So what’s a blog room, anyway? Short answer: it’s a home office!

Long answer: it’s a room in my basement that I’ve turned into my own creative space.

When I kicked off Preppy & Pink a year ago, I was primarily creating content and working on my page at the kitchen table. Like so many people in 2020, I soon realized I needed my own space to store my equipment, be creative and have a quiet space to work. However, all of the spare rooms on the main floor of our house had a purpose. I started to look to our basement and found the perfect solution to my problem: convert one of our cedar wood storage rooms into my own space!

I’m very fortunate to have two small windows in this room that provided natural light, however I needed something that was going to make this room light and bright. Solution: Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore. We used this color on the baseboard trim on our main floor and I loved how crisp it looked. It felt like a no brainer to use this for the blog room.

I also knew I needed to replace the flooring we had, because it was damaged wood, original to the house aka the late 1950s. Since it was a basement we were updating, I wanted something waterproof, so we ended up going with a really modern grey faux-wood laminate.

floor length mirror with pink puff and pink desk chair

Floor Length Standing Mirror | Pink Knitted Puff | Light Pink Office Chair | White Compact Desk | Fake Tree

fake tree next to mirror and pink puff in home office

How I Arranged My Furniture


I knew I was going to be using this room for a lot of photos, reels and Instagram stories, so having a multitude of backgrounds to choose from was going to be key for me. With such a small space, I needed to capitalize on the natural light in the room, as well as the built-in closet and doors, so my options were more limited for a comfortable flow.

I ended up coming up with three key backgrounds: my clothing rack, my shelf and my desk. Each of these “backgrounds” would help convey a different story, as well as serve functional purposes.

Once I decided on the flow of the room: I knew I was going to need to look for more compact furniture, so anything that would work in a NYC apartment was going to work for this space. I also knew I needed to stick with a very strict color palette, to make sure the room didn’t look cluttered or overwhelmed. My decision: white, pink and gold!

white home office desk and blush pink chair

White and Gold Home Office Desk | Blush Pink and Gold Office Chair |
Fake Potted Tree | Rain Forest Canopy Notebook |
Pineapple Lamp


home office desk set up with pineapple lamp and flowers fake flowers and notebook on home office desk

fake potted tree next to white desk and pink chair in home office

Wayfair Furniture for the Win

Designing the office was my absolute favorite part! Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t a ton on Pinterest that conveyed the exact style I was looking for, which at first surprised me but then gave me complete creative freedom to make the space my own.

I pulled pieces from Amazon and Wayfair to create the main pieces of the room and then added accessories from my local Homegoods to give everything the finished touch! I wanted to stick with my strict gold, white and pink theme and absolutely love how the room turned out!

Some items couldn’t be linked, so I did my best to pull as many linkable pieces (and find similar options) that I could. Which portion of the room is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

gold clothing rack in white wall home office with sunhat hanging on the wall

Gold Clothing Rack| Light Pink Velvet Hangers | Straw Hat with Ribbon


clothing in home closet and office with gold shelves in background

bags on a clothing rack in the home office shoes on a closet in the blog room

Blog Room Tour

I decided on a beautiful white desk with gold furnishings. To add a pop of color, I opted for a soft blush pink office chair with gold legs. I love how feminine and fun these pieces look together – it’s a mix of playful and professional! While I love my grey flooring, I knew I needed an area rug to absorb some of the sound when I was recording videos, so I found this really pretty white and pink area rug. How pretty is this design?

For the clothing rack, I knew I needed something light weight that could be easily moved (I have a closet behind it built into the wall) and found this really pretty gold option for less than $200. I added furniture pads to the bottom, and it moves around the room so easily!

Finding gold office shelves that matched the room proved to be the most challenging part of the design, oddly enough. Finally, I decided on this glass design, and I loved how some of the shelves varied in height, to add a little visual appeal.

The last part of the room (and probably most important) was the floor mirror for my social media content. I ironically enough bought this mirror at Homegoods back in December (before I had the room designed) and had been storing it in Doug’s office. When I placed it in the room it fit PERFECTLY in the space I had hoped for, which just made everything feel complete 🙂


gold shelves in white home office

Gold and Glass Standing Shelf 


pink coral in office she believed she could so she did office sign

home office and blog room with gold standing clothing rack and colorful clothing, purses, straw hat om the wall and gold standing shelves with photos displayed

Looking forward to creating content in this space for many years to come!

Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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