New Year & Bag // 3 Vera Bradley Bag Fabrics

New year, new bag! Anyone else feel the same way? There’s something about a new year that always makes me feel excited (and energized to recommit myself to being the best version of myself every day.) You all know I LOVE Vera Bradley (side note: did you know they also give back in a big way? Read all about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer here) but did you know their bags come in three different Vera Bradley bag fabrics to choose from? Sharing the inside scoop to help you choose the best bag for your best self 🙂

3 Materials to Choose From

There are three main materials Vera Bradley bags come in: Recycled Cotton, ReActive and Performance Twill. All bags are made beautifully with high-quality stitching, durable zippers, LOTS of pockets and be the perfect accessory for all your upcoming adventures!

Truthfully: my Vera Bradley bags define chapters of my life (all I must do is look at a pattern and I’m brought back to plenty of happy memories) which is why I’m also so thankful for how long they last. When you’re investing in a Vera Bradley bag, you’re investing in years of use and countless compliments from strangers on how cute your bag is!

girl smiles with coffe holding recycled cotton vera bradley bag

Plum Pansies Fleece | Plum Pansies Small Backpack |
Light Wash Denim | Golden Goose Sneakers 

girl smiles with her recycled cotton bag from vera bradley in plum pansies plum pansies backpack in vera bradley fabric recycled cotton


Vera Bradley Bag Fabrics – Recycled Cotton

When I think of Vera Bradley, I immediately think of my cotton bags – they’re literally the pieces that got me hooked on the brand when I was in high school. Fast forward a decade and the bags I love are just as vibrant with one major change: they’re better for the environment!

One of the biggest announcements from 2021 was the arrival of recycled cotton bags! These bags are just as soft, still machine washable and even come in vibrant solids, that perfectly compliment the patterns we all love!

What goes into a recycled cotton bag? Each bag is made of 50% conventional cotton and 50% recycled cotton. The recycled cotton comes from excess raw materials and pre-consumer scraps and is transformed into the beautiful bags we all love!

To kick off the year, I wanted to add a new small backpack to my collection and am LOVING the new pattern: Plum Pansies! There are two side pockets for a water bottle, and I love all of the pockets this bag contains! If you’re looking for the perfect handsfree bag to visit a coffee shop or even the best bag for a trip to Disney World – this bag is exactly what you’re looking for!

new fabric recycled cotton from vera bradley in small backpack girl drinks coffee while wearing vera bradley fleece in plum pansies and holding plum pansies small backpack

Vera Bradley Bag Fabrics – ReActive

When this fabric was released, I remember being so excited because not only did I love all the pretty patterns the bags came in, but I loved how it was good for the earth. Did you know ReActive bags are made from recycled plastic water bottles? Talk about some serious upcycling!

girl smiles with reactive grand backpack in fresh cut bouquet wearing yoga clothes girl wears yoga outfit while holding vera bradley backpack in fresh cut bouquet in reactive fabric

So how does that work? For one yard of fabric, Vera Bradley recycles 16 single-use water bottles. This plastic is crushed into pellets and then spun into yarn. So neat!

The finished result is a water repellent material that’s incredibly lightweight and durable. My favorite way to use a ReActive bag: anything outdoorsy or when I’m going to be active! I love that I can bring a ReActive bag to the yoga studio, on a hike to the ocean or even on vacation. This material is easy to clean as well (hello machine washable) so if it happened to get a little dirty, I never have to worry!

My current favorite ReActive pattern: Fresh Cut Bouquet! How pretty are these light blues and purples? It gives me total spring vibes but also feels a little beachy, which is super fun! I love my ReActive Grand Backpack because of the pockets, water bottle clip and pocket that’s perfect for a hardside spinner when I’m traveling!

girl wears lululemon while holding yoga mat and vera bradley bag in reactive fabric

Yoga Jacket | Yoga Tank Top | | ReActive Grand Backpack |
Yoga Leggings | Purple Yoga Mat | Memory Foam White Sneakers

reactive grand backpack in vera bradley fabric reactive reactive grand backpack

Vera Bradley Bag Fabrics: Performance Twill

This fabric was newer to me in the last two years and truthfully, I think it’s the best of both world between the recycled cotton and the ReActive material. There is no other way to describe it other than luxurious and oh so chic!

So how does it combine the other styles we all love? For all my traditional cotton bag lovers: these bags are adorned with 2” quilting patterns that remind me of my first cotton bags. I absolutely love this detail and think it really makes the patterns pop! From the ReActive line these bags also utilize my favorite feature: these bags are also water repellent! If you’re looking for a bag that’s a little more durable than your recycled cotton bags (think your next go-to duffle or baby bag), this is the fabric for you!

floating pansies in performance twill fabric from vera bradley in a small vera tote

Current Bag Crush

For late winter, I’m absolutely LOVING my new Small Vera Tote Bag for running errands and grabbing a coffee with a friend! My year-round go-to is the Vera Tote as a work bag or airplane carry on, but the smaller version has so many pockets and also features longer shoulder straps, which are perfect for on-the-go days when you need a winter coat.

While I’m always dreaming of spring florals, I adore the new pattern Floating Plum Pansies because it gives me all the vintage Vera Bradley vibes! There’s something I love about the original patterns and this bag gives me a contemporary feel with a nod to where everything began.

girl wears camel coat with vera bradley performance twill

Black Turtleneck | Camel Dress Coat | | Small Vera Tote |
Black Denim | Black Gem Ankle Boots

woman wears camel coat with performance twill bag from vera bradley performance twill small vera tote from vera bradley

floating plum pansies in performance twill fabric

Vera Bradley Coupon Codes

Looking for the best price on your upcoming Vera Bradley bag purchase? Use the code PREPPYANDPINK10 to save an additional 10% off your order online and in-stores. This code can be combined with existing sales but cannot be applied to purchases of specialty collections (Disney, Peanuts, New Hope Girls, Harry Potter).

Interested in potentially getting your own code to share? Learn more about becoming a VB Ambassador today!

A special thank you to Vera Bradley for sponsoring this blog post.

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