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Let’s face it: staying home all day (for the foreseeable future) might not be the social activity we all were craving but our skin is seriously thanking us!

Being homebound is probably resulting in less makeup, less sun exposure and less pollution touching our skin (not to mention being in the air in general).

If you’re working from home like I am, you probably have a little more time on your hands due to the fact you aren’t doing a daily commute. Why not keep a regular daily routine and add a little skincare to the mix as well? Trust me, you’ll be glad you did in 10 years 🙂

My skin is incredibly sensitive, combination and also is prone to hormonal breakouts (just being real here) so the products I use are based on my individual needs. While our skin differs, our goals are generally the same: youthful, clear and free of breakouts!

There are so many options for different types of skincare and places you can make these purchases.

CVS Pharmacy has all my favorite brands under one roof and with their online ordering and delivery options, it’s easier than ever to get everything you need for perfectly hydrated skin!

Morning Routine

After I wake up, I wash my face with cold water and then apply L’oreal Hydrafresh Toner all over with a cotton ball. This product smells like rosewater and leaves my skin more even than before. Because I don’t typically wear foundation, it’s important for me to use a moisturizer with sunscreen. I love Aveeno Positively Radiant because it reduces red spots, evens the tone and has SPF 15.

Evening Routine

I love to do the bulk of my skincare routine in the evening as a way to wind down. Because I have acne-prone skin, Biore is my go to product family! After I remover my makeup, I like to unwind with the Biore Charcoal Mask. You place a layer of the paste on your skin and remove five minutes later, which literally feels heavenly after a long day.

The first thing I reach for once I’m in the shower is my Garnier SkinActive Face Scrub. I put a dime sized amount on my hand and work it around in small circles, targeting my “T” area especially. Next I grab my Biore Deep Pore Cleaning Face Wash. This is my all time favorite because my skin tingles and feels cold once it’s on my face (like taking a deep breath after you brush your teeth) and it’s the most satisfying.

Once my skin is dry, I immediately do for the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel. They say you have about 60 seconds after you towel off to lock in your skin’s moisture from the shower, so I try and take advantage of this time. Witch Hazel has transformed my shin and has reduced the amount of breakouts I get, as well as soothes my skin from whatever I’ve been up to that day. To finish up, I like to put on two pumps of Aveeno Clear Complexion which is possibly the best addition to my routine I’ve made in the last few months. Paired with Biore, this has reduced breakouts noticeably!

Right before I go to bed, I finish the night off with a few scoops of Garnier Skin Active Moisture Rescue. This hydrates my skin while I sleep and has totally transformed it into having a dewy glow!

And there you have it: one day’s worth of skincare! Feel free to save the graphic below as a helpful daily reminder. Here’s to happy skin!

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