My Lips Don’t Lie: LipSense Unbelievable All-Day Wear

Let’s be real: walking into a drug store and staring at the wall of lipsticks is OVERWHELMING.

There are so many colors, so many brands and so many promises for the “best all-day wear” which does nothing but raise my blood pressure. From glosses to stains, every company seems to have a miracle formula and is willing to do whatever it takes to make a sale and end up at the bottom of the purse.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve put on a new color or tried a new product and been disappointed with the results.

Living in New York City presents three requirements for any lip product:

  1. Has to leave my lips feeling soft and moisturized (there is serious wind here)
  2. Must stay on my lips after cup of coffee #3 (and maybe a date night kiss)
  3. Needs to apply smoothly and evenly, leaving my lips looking bright

Seems like a simple list, right? Try again.

Then I tried LipSense and was absolutely blown away by the quality. While this lip product can only be bought through a consultant, it truly lived up to all the hype I had previously heard from loyal users. They had claimed the colors were vibrant, your lips were left feeling moisturized and best of all: the color would last for over 12 hours.

This product is legitimately no joke and I was absolutely blown away by the results. Not only is the color I’ve been wearing absolutely stunning (it’s called Napa and makes me feel like I’m on vacation) but my lips are unbelievably soft after wearing the product for a week straight. If that’s not a win, then I don’t know what is.

LipSense is a two step product and the starter kit contains three glosses: your color, the top coat and a remover, incase you make a mistake.

Sometimes I feel clumsy with a lipstick or make errors when I’m applying on the subway and the absolute highlight for me was the lipgloss applicator for the color and top gloss – but the best part: once everything dries, it won’t come off or get stuck in your hair (can I get an amen?)


When you put on the color, you’ll notice a slight tingling effect; this is completely normal and is the product exfoliating your skin.

Chapsticks and other lipsticks can create a waxy residue, which makes it common for colors or clump or cluster around the lip line region. LipSense breaks this down and will leave your lips feeling smooth and healthy.

Apply the color in one direction and move from one bottom coat to a top coat. Let the color set and dry for about 15 seconds before applying another coat – you’ll likely want about three, depending on the intensity you’re looking for.


After you apply your base color, time for the final step and set your color with your top coat gloss.

The first time I applied the top coat my jaw almost hit the floor because the brush was completely clean after applying generously on my lips. This was truly the moment I became a believer in LipSense and their long-lasting formula because if it wasn’t coming off within 20 seconds of being applied, it wasn’t coming off on my coffee cup.

For longevity during the day, carry your clear gloss and apply whenever you feel your lips need a little moisture – this will keep your color looking even and staying vibrant.


My color has held up in wind, Nor’easters, Pure Barre classes and through brunch marathons – honestly there is nothing this stuff cannot do.

I’ll be rocking it on the beach this summer and when I’m standing at the Rockefeller Christmas tree this December; with 63 shades to choose from, there will be a color for every outfit, mood and season.

Wishing you long-lasting color and bright, beautiful lips! Xoxo, Emi

Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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