The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Him Ft. JORD Watches

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day and have been known to proclaim it as my “favorite insignificant holiday.”

The entire day is devoted to pink and chocolate (my personal favorites) and is an extra excuse to remind Doug just how much I care about him. Don’t get me wrong – I remind him of this fact multiple times a day, but there’s something really sweet about saying “I love you” on this particular day that feels a little sweeter (pun fully intended).

Doug and I have been dating for three years and while I like to argue my title as the reigning champion gift giver, sometimes even I can hit a little bit of a roadblock when it comes to Valentine’s Day. With the holiday seeming to creep earlier and earlier every year often times I psych myself out and find I have a little “writer’s block” – read “shoppers block” – when it comes to picking something out. When it comes to buying a gift for the person that means the most to you, it has to be just right.

Then I stumbled on JORD watches and immediately was relieved because I found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him!


For anyone who knows Doug’s style, he’s got a very sleek and classic look. Fitted button-downs, tailored pants, and leather shoes are the building blocks of his everyday wardrobe. Sorry ladies, he doesn’t have any brothers. So whenever I’ve considered buying him a watch in the past, I was always a little nervous about how it would look based on what he currently owns. I wanted it to match, yet compliment his closet. So I always ruled out metal watches because they never felt to have the sophistication I felt he deserved.  He already owns a smartwatch with a leather band, but I was always looking to add a statement piece to his collection.

[Enter JORD]


What truly makes this company so unique and truly stunning stems from the obvious first glance. The watches are made of wood and are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Not only are they beautifully crafted, but the detailing on the faces has a level of quiet elegance that is unmatched in the watch industry.


After looking through the collection online, I decided on purchasing the Dark Sandalwood and Emerald watch, part of the FRANKIE collection.

What initially caught my eye was the jewel tone on the face and how it popped in stark contrast to the sandalwood exterior. There’s something so powerful and commanding about the color combination and the piece demands to be admired.

What I truly love from JORD though is the option to engrave your JORD watch. From the box, the product arrives into the back of the wooden watch (to put that special inside joke or reminder of your feelings). You can customize this purchase and truly make his Valentine’s Day something special. I opted to engrave my watch with a little comment Doug and I say to each other multiple times a day. Something as silly as an inside joke that no one but our families would pick up on, truly meant so much to him when I surprised him with the gift.


Now here’s the fun part: GIVEAWAY TIME!

While I can’t choose a design for you, I have teamed up with JORD to giveaway a $100 Coupon Code to put towards the purchase of your own watch. To enter, simply click the link to get started: The winner will be announced shortly before Valentine’s Day, so stay tuned!

On the holiday when the world is proclaiming “I love you,” say it to the one who means the most to you through a timeless watch that he’ll cherish for years to come from JORD.


Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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