How I Got Instagram-Worthy White Teeth This Spring With Smile Brilliant

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining and it’s time to shed those winter layers because spring is officially here!

NYC is in full bloom – literally, as the cherry blossoms are stopping just about every Citi biker in her tracks – which means we’ve officially entered rosé sipping season and iced coffee territory.

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing white in the spring and summer months; it makes my accent jewelry pop and shows any trace of a tan I can possibly obtain. However, one concern I always have when I wear light colors is how my teeth look – let’s be real, no one ever found dull, tarnished teeth cute. Sometimes the right lipstick shade can do wonders but other times you need the power of a whitening system.

When I was a senior in high school, I finally got my braces off and needed a quick fix before prom. At the time I thought I was going to be pouring over those photos for the rest of my life (RIP high school romance) and wanted my teeth to look perfect. My mom bought me a drugstore whitening kit and I used it religiously. When prom rolled around, my teeth were definitely whiter but they were hella sensitive. Air conditioning. iced drinks and even just breathing send a twang of pain all over my mouth and I often thought “why am I doing this to myself?”

For years I used the same product and for years I had tooth sensitivity after whitening but continued doing it because I loved the way my smile looked. I mean, pain is beauty, right?

Then I stumbled across Smile Brilliant and immediately realized there was no need to be putting myself through the pain of whitening my teeth anymore. Take a look at this before and after comparison – the results are no joke.


So what makes this system different from others?

It’s all about bringing the quality of a personalized whitening system you’d expect from a dentist to the comfort of your home.

How does this really work?

When you receive your intro kit you’re presented with two different putties (a blue and a white,) mold trays as well as your whitening/desensitizing gels. You need to move quickly when making your molds, but the process is super easy.


First, mix the two putties together until they create a light blue color and are soft to touch. Insert the mixture into your molding trays and bite down for one minute. If you ever had braces as a kid this is nothing compared to the retainer molds you once had to make. The trays don’t affect your breathing and there’s no putty that escapes making your mouth taste bad.


Carefully remove your imprints and leave them in the trays. Within a few minutes, the blue putty will harden and you’ll be good to go. Simply place them in the prepaid envelope you received with your kit and pop them in the mail. In a few days, your custom whitening trays will arrive and you’ll be able to start whitening!


What I liked about the Smile Brilliant mold-creating process:

  1. It was so easy to use! There was no long list of instructions and I didn’t make a mess of any kind. While I wouldn’t recommend getting the putty on your clothes, everything was very clean and swift!
  2. They anticipated my mistakes. You’re given enough materials to make three trays which were perfect because I let my putty sit too long the first time and it hardened before I could make the molds. With other systems, I could have potentially been out of luck, but not this time!
  3. It did not make me feel uncomfortable at any time. I was worried when making the molds I would gag or accidentally swallow some of the putties (literally was scarred from the orthodontist as a kid) and this was not the case for Smile Brilliant. Their product had no taste and the trays sat nicely in my mouth. I was so pleasantly surprised!

The Whitening Process

Once your custom-fitted whitening trays arrive in the mail, you’ll be ready to whiten! Each syringe contains roughly four to five treatments in them, so try and be neat when you’re finished and packing up. At first, I was nervous about how the mixture would affect my teeth since I knew I was prone to tooth sensitivity, so I was more sparing at first with my gel and was able to consistently get five uses out of each syringe. Keep the trays in your mouth for 30-60 minutes for the best results and then follow up with the desensitizing gel.

smile brilliant teeth

I experienced minor sensitivity, so I took a few days off in between treatments and used more desensitizing gel which made a huge difference. Ultimately, it’s not a sprint and your process will be your own. While some treatments can cause white spots to develop on teeth, I didn’t have any experience with this while using Smile Brilliant which was an added bonus. I’m a heavy coffee and red wine drinker, so I really feel some of the deep stains I’ve accrued over time have gone away, and feel more confident with my smile for those no-makeup beach days.

smile brilliant teeth whitening
smile brilliant teeth whitening

Final thoughts on the Smile Brilliant System

  1. The process was so easy! I can’t stress this enough: from making the molds to literally sitting in my bed, watching Netflix and knowing my teeth were getting whiter, the entire process was a breeze! I honestly wish everything felt as effortless as this…
  2. No worries surrounding sensitivity. I’m the person that can experience sensitivity from drinking a milkshake, so I definitely had my doubts when starting the process. I’m a firm believer in everything this company stands for now and I honestly think my teeth became less sensitive than my regular state (customer for life right here).
  3. Totally worth the financial investment. Assuming your teeth don’t move, you’ll have these custom trays forever, and anytime you want to whiten you’ll need to just buy more gel. I truly don’t know of a better investment for your smile and for your confidence.

Giveaway time!

I seriously love this product and I want you to as well, which is why I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give away a $149 credit to be used towards your own whitening journey! This will cover your whitening system (trays, whitening gel, and desensitizing gel) and get you started. All you have to do to enter is click the link below and enter your info – this is all internal so no scary third party companies will be coming for your personal information. The giveaway will run for one week and close at 12:00aET on 5/29.

Should you not be the grand prize winner, feel free to use the code preppyandpink to receive 15% off your order.

The winner will be selected and contacted via email two weeks after the start of the contest. The giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Good luck! Can’t wait to see those pearly white smiles soaking up the sun this summer!

Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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