Dry Winter Hair: Be Gone! Save Your Mane With “Living Proof”

Ahhh winter hair: how I hate thee.

I’m not sure about you, but every year when the weather gets chillier, I begin to dread what my hair (read scalp, too) is going to look/feel like. Dry, dead ends, virtually no volume, and dandruff (the enemy of a good navy sweater) seem to plague me and I often feel like I have zero hope of survival.

Okay, that’s overly dramatic, but I used to be an actress, so what do you expect?

I have tried so many products from salon lines to something they sell in the aisles of a drug store and it truly seemed like nothing could cure my hair woes. Then I was introduced to Living Proof by a friend this summer and thought, “what do I have to lose by trying this out” and immediately I was sold. Like I am in love with how my hair looks and feels since making this switch.

A little bit about my natural hair: it’s pin-straight. I’ve never owned a straightener and every time someone tries to straighten it, I literally roll my eyes because I just want to scream, “You’re wasting your time!” Because my hair is so fine and straight (don’t let that deceive you because the amount of hair I have makes for an adventure, especially at a blow-out bar) I really struggle with achieving volume of any kind. This isn’t the end of the world in the summer or when I part it down the middle, but sometimes a girl just wants a little lift, you know?

[Enter Living Proof: Full]

Sorry, actress thing again… Miss working out of scripts – can you tell?

The “Full” line of Living Proof is a lifesaver because it does exactly what the name promises: creates fullness and grants volume to your otherwise sad and limp winter hair. There are seven products that round out this division. However, I am very partial to four, depending on what I’m looking to do with my hair when it comes time to wash and dry it.

Full: Shampoo

The base of the entire process. You’ll feel a true deep-clean and start creating volume immediately.

Full: Conditioner

Once you’re clean, let’s eliminate those tangles. Without flattening or weighing down your hair, this product keeps snarls out.

Full: Thickening Mousse

Flat-haired ladies rejoice because this is the product you’ve been looking for! A little goes a long way in terms of volume…

Full: Thickening Cream

Throw a little of this in your hair before blowdrying or styling for noticeable volume. It also helps curls hold better – you can quote me on that.


Maybe you’re also like me and you notice your hair seems more brittle and damaged in the winter simply from existing.

Like how is that even fair? Between chilly winds and the heat pumping through your office all day, it’s no wonder your hair may feel dehydrated (trust me, it’s okay to be in this boat because I’m right there with you). Or maybe you’re a fan of curling (guilty) or straitening your hair daily. Maybe you blow-dry your hair on “high” and notice your locks seem a little lack-luster between salon appointments.

But what’s a girl to do? If only there was a product to revive and “restore” hair to its happy summertime state…

[Enter Living Proof: Restore]

Just like the “Full” line, there is a collection of eight products that make up the entire set. However, I personally gravitate towards three in particular (I’ll never promote or endorse a product if I don’t back it 100 percent; just how I roll). I’ve noticed a visible difference in how my hair looks and feels since making this switch and feel like my hair is stronger, which results in fewer breaks (aka lifesaver).

Restore: Shampoo

The root of it all. Start by washing your hair and strengthening the strands from square one.

Restore: Conditioner

Say “goodbye” to broken hair with this product that locks in moisture and keeps your hair feeling hydrated long after it’s dry and styled.

Restore: Repair Leave-In

Add a few pumps to your ends before blowdrying and adding heat to your hair. This will guaranteed become your lifesaver.

Wishing you nothing but beautiful, full hair this winter! If you end up trying Living Proof or feel like I left out one of your favorite products, leave a comment and let me know. Here’s to nothing but good hair days!


Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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