3 Gold Rings You Need from Bauble Bar

I absolutely love delicate and dainty jewelry. To me there’s something so beautiful about a piece that stands on its own and doesn’t need a ton of extras to sparkle and standout. When I got my Pinterest in 2011 (anyone remember the days when you needed an invite to join?) I was all about silver and platinum jewelry. Lately, I’ve been loving rose gold and gold rings and am always hunting for affordable, quality pieces.

Enter Bauble Bar. For the longest time I simply associated them with big “fun” statement earrings, but boy, was I sleeping on their more classic pieces! Their gold jewelry is so pretty! Side note: if you haven’t checked out their tennis bracelets you’re missing out 🙂

Of course, it’s a personal preference, but ever since I entered my late 20s, I’ve been gravitating towards smaller and more understated pieces rather than bigger and more “statement” items, which is basically a drastic contrast to who I was in the era of 2015 chunky, statement necklaces (you won’t even believe how man I have in a box in the basement waiting for them to come back in style.)

three gold rings from bauble bar

The Perfect Travel Ring

How many times have you left your engagement ring or wedding set locked up in a hotel safe or just left it at home because you didn’t want something to happen to it? While my larger pieces are all insured (if you’ve been on the fence about getting insurance for your rings: this is your sign to do it) there’s a sentimental aspect of the rings that just cannot be replaced. They’re special to me!

One of my most asked question in my Instagram DMs is “Where should I shop for a travel ring? I have a trip coming up!” I’ve recommended companies in the past but after trying the rings from Bauble Bar, holy cow – this is going to be my go-to from here on out!

Not only are these rings STUNNING but I love how they don’t scream “I’m a wedding ring” and you can absolutely wear them on different fingers! All personal preference, but I think these pieces are the perfect mix of fashion and everyday jewelry.

Gold Rings Stack Approved

Whether you’re looking for one piece or multiples: these rings are pretty solo or stacked with multiples. My friends at Bauble Bar sent me three different styles (FYI this post is not sponsored; I genuinely just love them) so highlighting the pieces I own below!


Ultra Dainty Gold Rings

Meet the “Anna” Ring! She’s the perfect ring to pair with your everyday favorites or simply wear by herself. I love the delicate oval stone in the center and the horizontal placement is trendy, yet classic!

Favorite part? The cubic zirconia stones go all around the band, giving you extra sparkle!

anna gold ring from bauble bar close up on gold ring from bauble bar

Baguette Stones Shine Bright

Lately, I have been loving the elegance of a baguette stone in jewelry, so it’s no surprise the “Aida” Ring is a bestseller from Bauble Bar! I think this ring is so elegant and totally is the perfect pop of bling for a special occasion or everyday.

close up on marquis gold ring baguette gold ring

Marquis Stones Forever

When I think of marquis stones, I always think of my mom! Her engagement ring and an anniversary ring all feature this pretty cut and I think it’s so beautiful. The “Alexandra” Ring utilizes this timeless style, and I like how it can be worn solo but is a little smaller than the Aida Ring.

close up on baguette cubic zirconia gold ring marquis stone gold ring

Timeless Jewelry

No matter which ring you choose, Bauble Bar has stunning items that will help you sparkle and shine! Not only are these gifts perfect for holiday, travel rings and special occasions: they’re perfect for everyday wear!

Let me know which of the three rings you prefer!

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