“Hanging Around” with New Vera Bradley Sloth Pattern

I feel like I say this all the time but HOLY COW – if you’re a Vera Bradley lover and sloths make you weak in the knees do I have the perfect pairing for you. Meet the latest (and in my opinion GREATEST) Vera Bradley sloth pattern: Hanging Around!

This design is filled with friendly little sloths doing what they do best: spending time with each other, lounging and (of course) flashing that signature goofy smile. I’ve been looking at this pattern for a few weeks now (shout out to my friends at VB for giving me the sneak peak) and seriously every time I look at it, I swear I notice another detail Those VB designers are just so dang talented!

Pro-tip: any time there’s an animal pattern, these FLY off the shelves (errrr online shelves for you virtual shoppers) so if you see something you cannot live without, adding to your cart is never a bad option!

girl smiles in pink bedroom and sits on a white bedspread. she wears the hanging around sloth pattern from vera bradley

Sloth Pajama Shirt | Sloth Long Pajama Pants |
Sloth Faux-Sherpa Slippers | Sloth Boot Socks |
Sloth Makeup Bag

girl smiles with sloth toy in vera bradley sloth hanging around pajams in pink bedroom with white bedding sloth boot socks and sloth toy

Vera Bradley Sloth Pattern: Loungewear for Lazy Days

There’s nothing I love more than lazy Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and Pancake (my French Bulldog). What makes that morning better: pajamas that double as loungewear!

Did you know Vera Bradley now carries apparel? For the longest time I only associated the brand with bags and colorful patterns, but you can wear your favorite patterns (and look fabulous while doing it!)

This pajama set in Hanging Around is seriously the cutest thing I have in my wardrobe! I love how the sloth pajama pants are soft and very breathable while keeping me warm. While some pants are fleece lined, these are a little breezier, making them, perfect for the late summer and early fall days. The matching pajama tshirt is honestly too fun and what I love the most about it is you can pair it with or without the pajama pants – perfect for a cozy shirt to pair with jeans.

What’s my favorite part you ask? The sloth slippers may be my new favorites! I love how these faux sherpa lined shoes are soft on both the top and bottom – they have a padding on your soles and feel like you’re literally walking on a cloud.

Looking for a subtle pop of the Vera Bradley sloth pattern for any outfit? These sloth crew socks are perfect for the upcoming boot weather, when you’re looking for a cute but slightly taller pair of socks for all your outfit layering!

hanging around makeup bag from vera bradley

sloth slippers, hanging around pattern and girl in pajamas sloth slippers

girl smiles with sloth makeup bag in bedroom


“Slow” Clap for the Vera Bradley Sloth Pattern

Honestly, no launch would be complete without some adorable bags and I cannot get over the sloth keychain that’s part of this collection! Guys, look at that little face nestled between the pink flower? For $20, I think this sloth bag charm is seriously the best deal of the new collection: perfect for that little pop on a VB bag or one you already own!

glenna satchell in hanging around small hipster in hanging around from vera bradley

Whether you’re sporting the Glenna Satchell or the RFID Little Hipster, these little sloths will bring a smile to your face (as well as everyone you meet!) The cooler tones in the design are the perfect complement for your fall denim, which who doesn’t love that?

girl looks in sloth purse in coffee shop girl smiles softly with hanging around bag from vera bradley and iced coffee

Personally, I’ve been loving smaller shoulder bags this season and cannot speak higher about my little hipster! I love how there’s a magnetic pocket in the back as well as two big zipper compartments to hold everything I need. Favorite feature? I love the metal hardware that attaches the shoulder straps on this bag. I think it has a chicer appearance and is the perfect place to attach a sloth bag charm!

girl sits on bench and smiles with sloth shoulder handbag

girl holds iced coffee and smiles with sloth purse and sloth keychain

For days when I’m looking to hold a few more items (this bag easily fits an umbrella making it the Mary Poppins of purses), I grab my Glenna Satchell and bring her with me. This bag is the perfect bag to throw on your elbow or wear over the shoulder, but I love the chords on the sides the most! These allow me to change up the look: either a more defined shape or more of a hobo bag. Honestly, I’m all about options with my bags and it’s these little touches that make my heart happy! Best part: it’s big enough to hold a medium cosmetic bag to stay organized on-the-go!

girl wear blue cardigan with glenna satchell in sloth vera bradley pattern

girl in cardigan smiles in coffee shop with vera bradley sloth bag

Vera Bradley Coupon Code

Looking to save a little extra on your in-store or online Vera Bradley purchase (this includes the Vera Bradley sloth pattern)? Use the code PREPPYANDPINK10 to save an additional 10% off your order (yes, this can be stacked on promotions which is AWESOME!)

Cannot be combined or used on special collections (ie. Disney, Harry Potter, New Hope Girls…) but if you’re looking to save a little extra: this is the perfect way to do it!

Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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