Getting a dog is a huge life event and so exciting! They’re loving, goofy and give you the absolute best snuggles! Most dogs can live anywhere from 10-18 years, so this is definitely something to think about before bringing a furry friend home. They’ll be a family member for a large part of your life, so making sure this is the right time and the right breed is very important. After all: a dog is for life!

Doug and I talked about getting a dog for years but in the months leading up to Pancake’s arrival we had to have many conversations about what this would look like for us. Between the financial investment of getting a Frenchie (they often need nasal surgery which is pricy) to what our work schedules looked like and what that would mean for mid-day potty breaks, there was a lot to discuss. We joked that we wished there was a manual that came with getting a dog, so here’s the next best thing to get you started…

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