This Is 25

Today marks 10,957 days of living on earth and I’m officially 25!

What a wild sentence to type because holy cow I feel the teensy bit old. Gone are the days of exciting milestones that mark “rights of passage” moments (hello, 21), and here are the years of “wisdom and wine.”

While some people say crazy things like “this is just another day.” I literally start celebrating this day like a full week in advance and deem the two weekends that bookmark the day as “celebration time.”

When I was in college, turning 25 felt like it was so far away, and like I had an eternity until this moment.

Subconsciously, I built 25 into this milestone year in which I needed to have checked off so many boxes on my to-do list, and about a month ago I took a breath, a step back, and took a look at the accomplishments. Rather than the tasks, I told myself “you should have done this by now.” Constantly, I am reminding myself “comparison is the thief of joy” and the arbitrary agenda I had placed on my shoulders was beginning to weigh me down and cause me to dread this day.

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So what better way to counter any thoughts of uncertainty than with positivity and pleasant reflection.

 I’ve decided to compile a list of 25 positive lessons I’ve learned, one for each year, to kick off this new chapter with joy and excitement. Enjoy!

  1. Start each day off with coffee. The day will feel better this way.
  2. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first. Life is too short to live someone else’s dreams.
  3. Say yes in your professional life. No one is above anything, any schedule or any task.
  4. Get a mani-pedi twice a month. Even when your life feels like it’s in shambles, at least your hands will look nice.
  5. Put money in your savings account. No matter how well things may be feeling now, you never know what could happen down the road; be prepared.
  6. Enjoy your time with friends. Time is short, relationships are valuable; make time for people because your Netflix cue will be there tomorrow.
  7. Life is meant to be lived outside your comfort zone. If it’s safe, it’s not life to the fullest potential.
  8. Buy the dress at TJMaxx. It won’t be there tomorrow. Just buy it now.
  9. Every day, strive to love your body. Somedays you won’t, that’s okay. somedays you will, that’s amazing.
  10. Be nice. Smile at someone. Get to know the grocery worker you see every week. Put good into this world.
  11. Become the mentor you wished you had. Once upon a time, you were in college and asking for guidance. Give back to the community that gave you so much.
  12. Put your phone down and enjoy the moments around you.
  13. It’s okay to cry. you don’t always have to be the strong one and there’s no shame in expressing how you feel; you’re human.
  14. Keep in touch with people who mean something to you. Don’t wait for anyone to reach out first, take the initiative to start the conversation.
  15. Follow your passion and stop second-guessing your abilities. Chances are if it’s bringing you joy, your joy is going to ignite others.
  16. All-nighters aren’t cute: get sleep. You aren’t 16 anymore and it’s no longer cool to be a living zombie; go to bed early.
  17. Call your parents. Even if you think they’re busy, odds are they’ll have time for a quick conversation and it will likely make their day.
  18. Your journey is no one’s but your own. The sooner you stop looking sideways to watch the progress of others and start looking ahead at your own future, the more at peace you’ll be with yourself.
  19. Remember Who’s you are. You are a child of the King and loved unconditionally. Always know you are worthy.
  20. Let go of the toxic in your life. People are not perfect and situations will fail you. Not everything is meant to work out as a permanent solution and if the season has passed, free the hold from your life; inner peace is a beautiful thing.
  21. Forgive. Forgive him. Forgive her. Forgive the situation. Stored anger isn’t a cute look.
  22. Remember you tried your best today. Life is meant to be lived and learned from. No one gets it right on the first try, so be gentle with yourself. There’s always tomorrow.
  23. Give back to others who aren’t in a season of blessing. Not only will you make someone’s day, but you may even positively impact your own.
  24. Indulge every once in a while. Restriction and limitations are only fine for a short period of time before you will drive yourself crazy, so participate in Bagel Friday if you so choose.
  25. Love yourself. Love the life you’ve been given. Embrace the ugly and run towards the future. You’re worth the hope you so frequently offer others, believe it for yourself.

Cheers to a new year, a new chapter, and to new adventures! Thank you for being present for this past year and looking forward to all the good which is to come down the road.

Xoxo, Emi

Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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