Stanley Cup & Best Stanley Cup Dupes

The most popular cup out there without doubt is the Stanley cup. These fly off the shelves at retailers, secret early access code are coveted and fan groups fill Facebook. These cups are the Homecoming Queens of the beverage aisle!

At first, I was skeptical but after ordering one for myself and Doug last fall, we have been believers ever since. My honest review is below along with some of my favorite styles PLUS a few of my favorite dupes.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission on all purchases. It means the world when orders are placed from my link – if you make a purchase or this post inspires a future purchase: thank you 🙂

stanley cups and stanley cup dupes

Stanley Cup: Honest Review

A $40 metal cup with a plastic straw and plastic handle – is it really worth it? Short answer: absolutely.

The multiple colors this cup comes in makes it FUN and the reason so many people have it in the full rainbow. Ranging from the classic 40 oz size to the mini 20 oz: there are so many sizes and styles.

Personally, I struggle drinking enough water a day, so having a cup with a straw I can mindlessly drink from has been so helpful. My personal Stanley cup is 40 oz and I fill it up at least three times a day. Want your skin to be noticeably more glowy (aside from using Drunk Elephant skincare)? Add more water to your routine! The difference from when I started drinking more water to after is night and day.

The biggest pro: the handle and ability to fit in a cup holder. Living in North Carolina: bringing a water (or pop) with me in the car always results in it getting thrown away because it got too hot. My Stanley keeps beverages cold for over 12 hours and the ice doesn’t melt, so you can bring your drink with you all day.

I also love the lid can either work with the included straw or twist to reveal a traditional tumbler lid, which is perfect for hot beverages or if your preference is to not use straws. Adding a straw to anything makes drinking water easier in my mind and I’m personally a fan.

The biggest con: it can spill with the straw in. The top rotates to remove the straw and function as a coffee lid, but you can spill your beverage with the straw. Bummer 🙁

Favorite Finds

If you’re looking for a new cup for spring or summer: look no further! From trendy neutrals to eye catching colors, there are so many styles to choose from.

Because these cups sell out so quickly, I’ve rounded up several different styles from different retailers. You never know when certain sites will restock, so always good to have options!

Cups listed from left to right in links below…

stanley cup


Stanley Cup 1 | Stanley Cup 2 | Stanley Cup 3 | Stanley Cup 4 | Stanley Cup 5

Stanley Cup 6 | Stanley Cup 7 | Stanley Cup 8 | Stanley Cup 9 | Stanley Cup 10

New Stanley Cup Color Alert

Brand new: blue hues! How stunning are these royal blues (and the sparkles?!)

stanley cup blue cups

Stanley Cup 1 | Stanley Cup 2

Stanley Cup 3

Stanley Cup 4 | Stanley Cup 5

Best Stanley Cup Dupes

Love the look of a Stanley Cup but not loving the price tag? Maybe you’re looking for a particular color that never seems to be offered or customization beyond what is typically created? Here’s the answer!

My top look-a-like products are below. All of these are ready for fun-in-the-sun and are prepared to keep your favorite drink cold!

All cups are linked below from left to right…

best stanley cup dupes

Stanley Cup Dupe 1 Stanley Cup Dupe 2 | Stanley Cup Dupe 3

Stanley Cup Dupe 4 | Stanley Cup Dupe 5

Stanley Cup Dupe 6 | Stanley Cup Dupe 7 | Stanley Cup Dupe 8

Stanley Cup Dupe 9 Stanley Cup Dupe 10


Which cup do you prefer: the original Stanley Cup or one of the inspired designs? Let me know in the comments!


Hi! I'm Emi! I love classic style, iced coffee, cupcakes and Broadway musicals. I'm a French Bulldog mom and live with my husband in North Carolina. Glad you're here!

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