The Best Fall Wedding Guest Dresses 2023

Fall wedding season is here! Now it’s time to decide on what to wear – easier said than done, right? Helping you choose the best fall wedding guest dresses 2023 that will fit any budget, venue and dress code.

fall wedding guest dresses 2022


Fall Wedding Guest Dresses 2023 Etiquette

I’ve found wedding guest dress codes to be challenging in the past because what’s casual to one person might be on a dressier side for another. Shopping for fall wedding guest dresses can be a lot of fun – you just need to know what you’re looking for!

A few tips when you’re unsure of what to wear:

  • Always opt for a dressier option. It’s always better to be overdressed than under dressed, especially since there will be so many photos.
  • Don’t wear white. If you must ask “is this dress too white” then it probably is and it’s better to just choose a different option out of respect.
  • Ask the bride or groom! They will know what other people are wearing and will be thrilled to help you. Asking isn’t bothering them, it’s showing you care about their big day! They also may tell you to avoid a certain color if the bridal party will be wearing that.
  • If the ceremony will be held in a religious house, try to wear a more modest neckline or bring a shawl/sweater. I always bring a coat to wear and then leave it in the car for the reception to be respectful.
  • Rent rather than buy! Some of my favorite wedding guest dresses have been rented through Rent the Runway. This is a great way to try new styles, designers and often is more cost effective than purchasing. Just read the reviews for sizing and always opt for the back-up size!

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses 2023: Color Palette

For a fall wedding, think warm jewel tones and earthy tones. Burgundy, forest green, butternut, chestnut and navy are all safe choices! Not only will they likely coordinate with the florals, but these colors are seriously so stunning to wear.

fall wedding guest dresses 2022 color palette

What about a bright neon or color? Every wedding is different and if you’re unsure, ask the bride or groom. Generally, the location of the wedding will be a good way to decide this. Destination wedding to a warm location? Yes! Rustic farm wedding or traditional hall? Better to opt for a warmer tone.

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses 2023 by Dress Code

What you’ve been waiting for: suggestions of fall wedding guest dresses 2022! I’ve broken them down by dress code and given you a little more information on what to look for if any of these examples aren’t your style.

Remember: if it’s an afternoon wedding, lighter colors are acceptable. If the event is taking place in the evening, you may want to select a dress in a warmer shade.

White Tie & Black Tie Attire

These are the most formal dress codes for a wedding. A wedding asking guests to dress in this style will typically be in the evening and tuxedos will be very common for gentlemen. Female guests should wear floor-length gowns or a very formal dress. For a white tie event, gloves would be appropriate and likely encouraged.

fall wedding guest dresses 2022

Style 1 | Style 2 | Style 3 | Style 4

Style 5 | Style 6 | Style 7 | Style 8

Formal Wedding Guest Attire

This dress code is still a formal event, but may take place in the day, rather than in the evening. Men can wear a dark suit, rather than a tuxedo, and women can wear long dresses or a dressy jumpsuit. Anything from a floor-length dress to a midi dress would be appropriate.

fall wedding guest dresses 2022

Style 1 | Style 2 | Style 3 | Style 4

Style 5 | Style 6 | Style 7 | Style 8

Cocktail Wedding Guest Attire

The most common dress code, these weddings allow for the widest range of guest attire. Men can wear dark and light-colored suits, as well as bold patterns, while women can wear short dresses. Noting the venue’s location will be key in choosing an outfit, as locations can vary from gardens, estates, beachfronts, and banquet halls.

fall wedding guest dresses 2022 cocktail

Style 1 | Style 2 | Style 3 | Style 4

Style 5 | Style 6 | Style 7 | Style 8

Wedding season is a joyful time! Remember to have fun and wish the happy couple all the best! Let me know if you found this style of post to be helpful and if you have an event coming up you’ll be attending.

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