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French Bulldog parents: do you struggle finding the perfect harness for your pup that’s cute and also fits? I’ve got you covered. The secret: Frenchiestore!

I love having the “best dressed dog.” There, I said it.

My vet said it best when we brought her in for her first check-up: frenchie owners are obsessed with their dogs and love to dress them up for different photo opportunities. I’d like to also point out he knew me for all of 15 minutes at this point, so let’s just say stereotypes are valid in this case…
When researching products to buy for Pancake, before we even contacted a breeder, I knew getting her to appropriate harness was going to be very important. I wanted to make sure the item we got her would deter any pulling when walking but also be gentle on her air passageways. Dog with flat faces (pugs, frenchies, bulldogs…) are prone to Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) which can severely lead to difficulty breathing.
Doug and I have already consulted with her vet and we’ve decided nasal surgery will be the best option for a comfortable life when she’s a little older, so in the meantime, finding a product that would alleviate any pressure on her airways was top priority.

After a little hunting, I stumbled on Frenchiestore and was immediately in love!

Not only do they have a variety of harnesses, leashes and doggy pajamas (oh yes, you read that right) but everything was created for pups with Pancake’s build. If you have a frenchie or any similar stocky breed, you know those muscles can sometimes make buying pet products challenging. That’s why I’m so glad this company exists!


The Versatile Health Harness

After a little browsing, we stumbled on the UniDog design in the Versatile Health Harness collection, which you can see Pancake modeling. I love this option because the design is reversable, essentially giving her two looks for the price of one! One side has a galaxy print in a cotton candy shade and the other is a mint color featuring little unicorns; how cute is that? Personally, I loved how the mint pops against Pancake’s fur, so that’s the side we typically choose to display.

The harness also comes with Dual D rings, which aids in a no choke, no pull walk and has vegan leather branding on it. The luxury water resistant fabric comes on both sides of the harness and the buckles are indestructible, which is a huge plus for any dog mom!

What I was immediately impressed with upon receiving the product was how high quality the material was. Not only was it breathable, but the clips were fastened tightly and we had no trouble putting the harness on a squirmy puppy. This gave me peace of mind, as Pancake is very much in her chewing phase right now and everything, we give her needs to be puppy proof. Pancake immediately was ready to go for a walk and didn’t bite or scratch at the harness (we’ve tried numerous brands and she lets us know right away when she doesn’t like something.)


Two weeks later, she’s still happy and loving it! The material hasn’t shown any wear and tear and the metal is still holding its color perfectly! We will defiantly be making more purchases as she continues to grow.

As a special gift for my readers, Frenchiestore is running a 10% off promotion off their site! Simply click on the link to shop for your furbaby!

This post was generously sponsored by Frenchiestore. Thank you for your support!


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