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Maybe you were wondering…

Answering my most frequently asked questions here

How tall are you? 5’3″

What sizes do you usually wear? With tops, I’m generally a XS or numerically a 0/2. For bottoms, I’m usually a 25/26 or a 2.

How much do you weigh? Truthfully, I couldn’t tell you and don’t care to know! I’ve struggled with disordered eating in the past and haven’t stepped on a scale in over five years as a way to prioritize my mental health. All I know is I’m stronger, happier and way healthier than I ever was when my life revolved around the number on the scale and I have no plans to ever change that 🙂

Who is your celebrity fashion inspiration? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Does Blair Waldorf count as a celebrity?”

Is that your natural hair color? Yes! I dyed my hair once freshman year of college and hated how it looked so much I vowed to never do it again. I have natural highlights year round and have always loved that about myself. 

Do you do anything to your eyebrows? I don’t pluck them or get them professionally done – the way they are is the way they are (regardless of the trend!) I do fill them in with Gimmie Brow in the shade “Natural Deep Brown” to help give them more definition. 

Who takes your pictures? My wonderful husband, Doug. He’s so patient with me and actually follows other influencers to get photography inspiration!

How do you edit your photos? I always start with the Wonderland Pink presets from Etsy on the Adobe Lightroom app. From there I will make any additional edits in Snapseed and a ColorStory before saving the final product.
What is your favorite thing about yourself? Such a crazy thing to pick but I have crazy strong fingernails and they have a really pretty natural shape. I also have always really liked my legs. 

Do you workout? I sure do – it’s one of my favorite hobbies! I have a Peloton that I’m crazy obsessed with and love the variety of classes the app offers. I’ve also always been a big fan of Pure Barre and love mixing in light weight training. 

What catches your eye when shopping for clothing? I love texture and classic color combinations. Trends are always fun, but if I can find a way to make it slightly my own I will always go that route.

Do you ever plan to take Preppy & Pink full-time? Right now, it’s a hobby of mine and I love how that keeps it feeling fun and less-stressful. If the time ever came for me to have to make that decision, Doug and I would pray about it a lot and what that would mean for our family.